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Stakeholder involvement and engagement is one of the main strategies that will underline the project across the full life cycle and all Work Packages. Why? Because we understand the vital importance of providing the EU life science ecosystem with a new and innovative framework — one that thoroughly integrates the diverse perspectives of users in Digital Health Technologies (DHTs). Our ambition is to create a ready-for-use HTA framework that is interactive and easy to operate – incorporating perspectives from all stakeholders, including patients and hospitals, regulators, HTA agencies and technology developers.  Your input matters: Join us in our mission to shape the future of the European HTA landscape.


HTA Agencies

HTA Agencies play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare assessments. EDiHTA will provide a robust and validated assessment framework specifically tailored to new emerging DHTs –  elevating the standards of assessments and fostering more informed decision-making in the rapidly evolving field of digital health technology.


With EDiHTA, policymakers will  have the opportunity to access invaluable insights that inform evidence-based decision-making. We are committed to equipping policymakers with the tools necessary to adeptly navigate the dynamic landscape of healthcare policy, ensuring that decisions are both well-informed and impactful.

Patients and Citizens

Patients are at the core of all HTAs. The EDiHTA framework will be specifically designed and validated to fully assess and capture the added value of new DHTs for patients and society. We focus particularly on AI-specific elements, ensuring that the benefits and potential risks are thoroughly understood in the context of your health.


We aim to support technology developers by accelerating the path to market access for DHTs. EDiHTA will provide relevant guidance on the requisite evidence for each DHT and TRLs  –  contributing to the goal of providing European citizens with faster access to safe and effective technologies, while also increasing trust in these innovations.

Healthcare professionals

EDiHTA aims to empower and support healthcare professionals with a user-friendly tool. The EDiHTA framework will equip healthcare professionals with a functional toolkit to enhance the ability to deliver high-quality care in the age of digital health and healthcare systems under pressure.

We believe in the power of inclusivity. All stakeholders, including patient interest groups, NGOs, and representatives from the private sector, have an active role in co-designing and co-creating the EDiHTA. This involvement ensures that the project’s impacts extend across the entire health technology lifecycle. 

Prof. Americo Cicchetti
EDiHTA project coordinator 

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