Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Coordinating the EDiHTA project.

Universit√† Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is renowned for excellence in education and research. Its section of Alta Scuola Economia e Management Sanitario (ALTEMS) stands out for offering advanced programs in healthcare, preparing professionals to tackle industry challenges with competence and innovation. In addition, the collaboration with the Policlinico Gemelli, the HTA (Health Technology Assessment) section focuses on the analysis of healthcare technologies, ensuring an evidence-based approach to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of medical practices. This unique partnership provides students with an educational experience enriched by both study and practical application at one of Italy’s largest hospitals, equipping them for leadership roles in the healthcare field.

UCSC plays a crucial role by leading project coordination and management activities. This applies to ensuring smooth communication and collaboration among different partners but also implementing strategies to coordinate the entire project across the various Work Packages.

UCSC is involved in the EDiHTA framework design and EDiHTA framework piloting. This involves developing targeted activities to advance the project’s outcomes and support key interactions among stakeholders. These efforts aim to maximize the effectiveness of the project in delivering the best outcome.



Americo Cicchetti

Full professor, General Director of Programming of the Ministry of Health Italy

Dario Sacchini

Associate professor, PI EDiHTA

Emmanouil tsiasiotis

Project manager EDiHTA

Rossella di bidino

HTA and Healthcare Technology Innovation specialist

Alessandra Pernice

Researcher ALTEMS


HTA specialist and co-founder of ALTEMS Advisory

Michele Basile

HTA specialist and co-founder of ALTEMS Advisory

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