Radboud UMC

An influential Dutch university hospital for patient care, innovative research, and education around the globe.

Radboudumc is among the most influential university hospitals in Europe. We utilize research and academic education to the fullest extent, optimizing our patient care. Our mission is ‘to have a significant impact on health and healthcare’, which we envision to realize in an innovative and person-centred way. To make this mission and vision possible, Radboudumc has formed strategic themes ranging from prevention, sustainability, to appropriate care. Our research efforts are carefully aligned with the overall ambition of Radboudumc. We aim to lead the way in research on prevention, sustainability and appropriate care, which we achieve through our in-depth understanding of disease mechanisms, clinical science, public health research, health technology and data science. We continuously strive to gain new insights and create societal impact, while realizing a sustainable organization with a focus on the well-being of our employees.

In EDiHTA, Radboudumc is leading the work on designing a general HTA framework for digital health technologies (DHT) to inform decision-making. This will be done by developing a taxonomy for DHT, reviewing existing DHT assessment frameworks, identifying their limitations and (knowledge) gaps in relation to needs and requirements of stakeholders across the lifecycle of DHTs, and aligning the design with the European Health Data Space policy and requirements. We will also be involved in piloting the developed HTA framework in the hospital setting of Radboudumc.



Wija Oortwijn

assistant professor

Marcia Tummers

Assistant professor

Annapoorna prakash

PHD candidate

liza van mun

phd candidate

wietske kievit

assistant professor

Gert Jan van der Wilt

Professor in Health Technology Assessment

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