Norwegian Centre for E-health Research

Knowledge for better health services.

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research (NSE) contributes to knowledge-based development in the area of e-health by means of research, collaboration, and the dissemination of knowledge. Our aim is to contribute to a better health service for citizens through multidisciplinary research and knowledge sharing. Our ambition is to be a nationally leading and internationally recognized research center. NSEs most important task is to conduct research together with other professional environments, both nationally and internationally. Our research is independent and maintains high ethical standards. Knowledge sharing is a core activity, and we publish all our research openly and accessibly. We work to ensure that the knowledge is put to use. We will use our national role to build networks and collaborate with the entire sector.

As the leader of Work Package 2, NSEs multidisciplinary team will examine both national and European policies, for example the European Health Data Space regulation, the AI-Act, Data Act- and Data-Governance Act, to identify data protection and policy requirements that support the design and development of the EDiHTA framework. Furthermore, NSE is responsible for developing a study protocol for the pilot studies of the EDiTHA framework on different DHTs. NSE will be supported in this process by the Norwegian partner DNV.



Line Linstad

senior advisor

Kari Dyb

Senior Researcher (PhD)

Per Atle Bakkevoll

PHD candidate

Kassaye Yitbarek Yigzaw

Senior Researcher (PHD)

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