European Health Management Association

a non-profit membership organisation that focusses on enhancing the capacity and capability of health management to deliver high-quality healthcare. 

Since 1982, the European Health Management Association (EHMA) has served as a not-for-profit membership organisation open to all those committed to improving health and healthcare. We focus our actions on health management capacity and capabilities and aim to support the successful implementation of health policy and practice where possible. Through our efforts, we make a difference across Europe to improve health for all citizens. EHMA remains the only membership organisation in Europe to invite and gather health and hospital managers, healthcare professionals, researchers, educators, academia, policy and decision-makers.  At EHMA, you can expect a fruitful environment where we value evidence, challenge and experience and promote complex debates on current related topics. Because EHMA engages with the full ecosystem of European health management systems, you can trust that we will reach all stakeholders at the local, regional, national and international levels.

As a co-leader of the Outreach Work Package, EHMA enhances stakeholder engagement, fosters the development of professional networks, and ensures the broad dissemination of project findings to raise awareness and the project’s research profile. Additionally, EHMA assists the project with internal communications and project execution, reinforcing its commitment to the project’s success and impact across relevant sectors.



Olga Polyaeva

communications manager

Jacob Levi

Policy officer

Elisa Carollo

Communications Officer

Thibaud de Bondy

Communications officer

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