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With its purpose to protecting life, property, and the environment, DNV has 160 years of expertise in setting standards and providing assurance. In the healthcare domain, DNV possesses a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, and its healthcare research programme has a track record of partnering with healthcare and research institutions to pioneer new mechanisms of delivering trust. We collaborate with partners on Nordic and European public-private projects to innovate and address challenges in data sharing, infrastructure, legal and regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, and trust issues that hinder the clinical adoption of AI and digital health technologies. Our projects encompass federated health networks, synthetic data, electronic health record exchange, and health technology assessment of digital health technologies.

DNV contributes to developing the EDiHTA framework by providing insights into the regulatory and cybersecurity space. DNV’s team leads the development of the EDiHTA digital platform to streamline and standardize the application of the EDiHTA framework throughout the European Union.



Oleg Agafonov

Principal Researcher

Sharmini Alagaratnam

Director of Healthcare program

Angela Lanna

Regulatory affairs specialist

Serena Marshall

Senior Researcher

Helga M. Brøgger

Principal Researcher

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