Health Policy Institute Poland

We support a rational evidence-based health policy.

Health Policy Institute Poland (HPI) is a non-governmental organization based in Poland. Since the beginning the Institute has been taking actions to support a rational evidence-based health policy. We believe that the vision of the Polish health care system may and shall be developed in consultation with the key stakeholders. In our activities, both strategic and operational, we take into account the perspective of patients. We believe that a functional health care system is, above all, a patient-friendly system focused on true and identified patients’ needs. We have different professional experience, but our personal experience allows us to take into account the perspective of patients also in our professional activities. The Health Policy Institute cooperates on a daily basis with organizations representing the interests of patients and their rights. We cooperate both with governmental and numerous non-governmental organizations.

In EDiHTA, being a team member of both WP3 and WP4, HPI is responsible for Framework Design and Development. In WP3, HPI’s role involves mapping existing HTA methodology guidance, while in WP4, HPI focuses on developing methodologies, determining evidence requirements, and establishing a set of rules, particularly focusing on Cost-effectiveness and economic aspects as well as Organisational aspects. Apart from these 2 Work packages, HPI contributes with all other Consortium members to WP7 EDiHTA Outreach and WP8 EDiHTA Education and Exploitation.



Dr. Iga Lipska

Chairwoman of the Board, EDiHTA Project Leader

Anna Pilat

EDiHTA Project Coordinator

Dr. Katarzyna Ilowiecka


Lukasz Wiech


Monika Szpryngiel

Accounting Manager

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