The Italian National Agency for Regional Healthcare Services.

AGENAS plays a pivotal role in the Italian healthcare system by fostering collaboration between the Ministry of Health and regional health services. Since 2022 AGENAS has also the role of National Agency for Digital Health, ensuring the strengthening of the digitalisation of healthcare services and processes. Its mission is to enhance the quality, efficiency, and equity of healthcare services through evaluation, research, and innovation. AGENAS supports the development of national health policies, ensures the uniform implementation of essential healthcare levels across regions, and promotes best practices and continuous improvement in the health sector. Its vision is to create a more integrated and sustainable healthcare system that prioritises patient well-being and access to high-quality care.

AGENAS contribution in EDiHTA is widely and deeply distributed across the whole project as HTA body: In WP3 Agenas will take responsibility for definitions, taxonomy, stakeholder mapping and decision-makers’ requirements analysis. Being involved in WP4, AGENAS will help to develop a methodology and rules for the framework, co-creating it with the EDiHTA stakeholders. WP5 (Co-leader): Framework digitalization with design, testing and verification. WP6: Framework piloting, open validation and finalization. WP7: Framework dissemination and communication.Co-leading both WP5 and WP7 AGENAS plays a core role in the framework digitalisation with design, testing, verification processes, the exploitation strategy development and defining DHTs assessment standards. AGENAS’s involvement in WP6 and WP7 encompasses the piloting, validation, and finalisation of the framework, while also ensuring effective communication and dissemination of the EDiHTA project’s results.



Marco Marchetti

UOC HTA Head Office

Simona Paona

HTA Analysts - Economic Area

Livio Battaglia

HTA analysts - Economic Area

Michela Santurri

HTA Research - Engineering Area

Giancarla Caracciolo

HTA Project Management Office

Fabrizio Cella

HTA Project Management Office

Patrizia Botta

HTA Project Management Office

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