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accelopment Schweiz AG is an expert in the management support, communication, and dissemination of EU-funded projects with expertise in risk and innovation management. accelopment offers expertise and professional services to help researchers and companies find their next funding opportunity, manage their research and innovation projects, and make an impact through the strategic communication, dissemination, and exploitation of results. The focus areas of accelopment are Health (life sciences), the Green Deal (environment and energy), and Digitalisation (ICT, security, and space), but they also support projects in the fields of materials and manufacturing with their expertise complementary to specialists in the different research and application areas.

In the EDiHTA project, accelopment supports the project coordination, innovation management, communication strategy, dissemination, and exploitation. Their expertise ensures seamless collaboration, effective outreach, and compliance with EU regulations, allowing the project team to focus on research and development.

accelopment in EDiHTA


Dr. Jeanette müller


jamuna siehler

project manager communications

patrick schneier

Research & Innovation Project Associate

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