Fundació De Recerca Clínic Barcelona-Institut D’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi I Sunyer and Clinic Barcelona University Hospital

Healthcare and Biomedical Research&Innovation reference centers in Catalonia, Spain and Europe.

CBUH is a public University Hospital with a vocation for research and innovation and serves as a reference health center ​​in Catalonia, Spain and Europe. Its three main areas of focus are assistance, research and innovation and teaching, with a clear commitment to achieve excellence. FRCB-IDIBAPS is a Research and Development Consortium associated with CBUH that integrates clinical research with high-level basic research. Its mission is translational research, facilitating the rapid transfer of laboratory advancements to patients. In addition, FRCB-IDIBAPS is the leading Spanish research institute raising H2020 funds.

FRCB-IDIBAPS/CBUH co-leads WP4 in the EDiHTA project, with the specific task of designing the architecture of an evidence-based toolkit for a Framework aimed at assessing Digital Health Technologies (DHTs) in Europe. This toolkit will be sensitive to different types of DHTs, levels of technology development, and decisions to be made. A user guidance will also be developed to guide its implementation and use. FRCB-IDIBAPS/CBUH will also participate in other work packages, including the design of the framework and its piloting and evaluation.



Dr. Sonia Muñoz López

HTA Scientist & Project Manager

Joan Fibla i Reixachs

HTA Scientist

Dr. Marcelo Soto Alarcón

Senior HTA Scientist

Dr. Laura Sampietro-Colom

Deputy Director Innovation and Head Assessment of Innovations Unit

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